April Goals

As April approaches I’m going to set myself some goals that I want to try and achieve to make myself a happier and better person. Though I am happy now, there a few things that I could change to benefit my life in a more positive way. I thought I would write myself a little list of achievable goals for the rest of the month, as when I’m lacking in motivation or need a bit of a reboot (refresh/restart? not sure what to call it), there’s nothing like a good old list to get me back on track.

1. Daily Meditation

I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I wanted to start meditating but have given up. I’m a huge stressor and I know that meditation would help my stress levels so much if I stuck to it. There is so much science that proves that daily meditation is so important to shut down the mind and relax. I have download the app calm to keep me on track and I’m going to follow their 21 Days of Calm. After doing these 21 days, I’ll let you know how I’m feeling and the effect meditation has had on my mindset and wellbeing.

2. Working out 5-6 times a week

Now this one I know I will stick to because I love working out! Lately I’ve been trying a new style of training which I’ve been LOVING. After doing this new training for a few weeks I’ll let you know how I feel and the changes I’m seeing in my body. I truely believe that working out is essential for a positive mind and attitude. You don’t need to go to the gym to do exercise, just try and be more active daily. This could be walking when you wake up before breakfast, getting off the bus at an earlier stop and walking home, take the stairs, go for a walk in your lunch break, anything that gets you out moving is still exercise.

3. Eating 3 meals a day

This one I know I will struggle with since I’m guilty of constantly snacking. Although I’m a very healthy eater, one thing I do struggle with is snacking. I constantly snack when I’m not hungry and It’s a habit I want to get out of. So If I stick to 3 healthy, big portioned meals a day and don’t allow snacking, this will help me feel better and not guilty when I do snack.

4. Only having 2-3 pieces of fruit a day

I LOVE fruit. Since I’m a summer girl, fruit is my go to snack and food source. I know fruit is healthy, but I eat so much until my tummy hurts. This is why I want to limit my fruit intake too 2-3 a day. This means that I’m still getting all the vitamins from fruit, but not being as bloated and full after having it.

5. Wind down time at night

I’m guilty for being on my laptop working before I go to bed and I know I’m not the only one. One thing I struggle with I sleeping, so being on a screen before bed is really bad for that. I’m going to get myself back into the habit of reading before bed. I also want to right down a to do list for the next day, so my mind doesn’t keep thinking all night and I can shut my brain down. I used to be such a big reader, but right now I’m struggling to finish a book. If anyone has any good book suggestions let me know?

6.  Drink more water

I know everyone says it but it’s true, water is the most important thing to make sure your drinking everyday (around 2-3 litres) for so many amazing health benefits. I know I definitely should drink more water, but I always forget. So to remind myself to drink more I’m going to carry a water bottle with me EVERYWHERE! I’m also going to try putting lemon in my water more, because I prefer the taste and am more likely to drink it.

7.  Do more of what makes me happy

One thing I forget a lot of the time is to give myself a break and do things I love. Being at school is hard because finding time to have ‘me time’ and do things I love is difficult. I’m now setting aside more time each week to do something I love. Whether that’s taking photographs

 for my blog, going to the beach, paddle boarding, drawing or even watching youtube which I love. Finding time for yourself is so important to keep you positive and happy.

8. Blog more

Blog more. You may have noticed I have been a little more active on here lately and that has been a conscious thing. I really enjoy my blog, it’s a nice way to keep you guys updated on my life, things I like, things I care about and want to talk to you about! I am going to try and do a post a week. Please let me know in the comments what you’d like to see on here!

Let me know if you’re going to try out any of these healthy habits, as well as any post suggestions. Those are my goals for the rest of the month! Let me know in the comments anything that you guys hope to achieve by the end of April.

Hope you have a happy Easter


Sophia x



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